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Mallow Drops is a gravity puzzle where two kiwis regather their eggs in a shattered world. Help Marsh and Mallow rescue their eggs and get to the exit! Turn everything upside down as you slide, shift and move through the tricky world of Mallow Drops, a mix of platformer and a sliding block puzzle. Getting to where you need to go half the fun - just be sure to have a safe landing! With Wooly Jumpers hopping about and Dirty Underbears surprising you suddenly, it won't be easy, and if you're not careful, the dreaded Dropbears may get the drop on you!



  • A tricky mix of platformer and sliding block puzzle
  • Over 100 brain-bending levels
  • An incredible soundtrack by Meghann O'Neill
  • Make your own puzzles using the the same tools the developers do, or using freely available editors!
  • Supports key rebinding and adjusting the rotation effect for those with motion sickness


Announcement Trailer YouTube

Beta footage YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • ""Across the Ditch" nominee (Best Game from Australia) - Play By Play Awards 2015" Mallow Drops
  • "Excellence in Design - Australian Game Developer Awards 2015" Mallow Drops

Selected Articles

  • "It's an easy-to-understand game that's hard to put down once you get started."
    - Brian Crecente, Polygon
  • "The themes in the game operate as a metaphor for the tumultuous period in which it was created, which is great, I love it. This game will live on as window into the struggles of this time, which is all too rare in subject matter tackled by games."
    - Adam Carr, Linebreak Collective
  • "My preview was very short, but the short time I had, I only wanted to play it more."
    - Brett Hale, MKAU Gaming Australia
  • "One of the most striking things about Mallow Drops was how intuitive it was. After only a few minutes with the game it’s easy to learn how it all works, and you find yourself moving through the levels with ease. That is, until the difficulty is raised ever so slightly, keeping you guessing and thinking."
    - Ben Pfarrer, Aussie Geek
  • "...a deceptively cutesy puzzle game that’s a lot more complicated than it seems..."
    - Nick Hudson, Savegame
  • "I had a lot of fun with adorable Aussie-made puzzler Mallow Drops."
    - Michelle Starr, CNET

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Gritfish is game designer and programmer John Kane, and a changing roster of musicians and artists along for the ride.

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Mallow Drops Credits

John Kane
Design, Code

Matt Petrak
Character Art

Meghann O'Neill

Joel Pearson

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