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26 Jan, 2015

PC / Mac - GGJ version


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Houston, we have a %!@# is a local multi-player co-op game. One player is Major Thompson, an astronaut stuck on a strange alien ship which is hurtling towards the Earth. Up to three other players are Ground Control, who must read the various manuals about the craft and tell the Major how to land successfully.


Created for the 2015 Global Game Jam


  • Seat Ground Control in front of a single table, and Major Thompson at another table out of sight, but in earshot (for instance, have the two groups facing each other with a divider between, or have them back-to-back).
  • Major Thompson has the tablet/computer (ideally with a touch interface) with the game. Ground Control has three manuals, ideally in 3 separate, stapled, A5 printed booklets.
  • Both groups watch their respective briefing videos (Major Thompson, Houston), and then Major Thompson starts the game.


Trailer YouTube

Major Thompson's Briefing YouTube

Ground Control's Briefing YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Global Game Jam Sydney 2015 - Runner Up" Houston, We Have a %!@$

Selected Articles

  • "I've never had so much fun yelling at my incompetent friends!"
    - Guy 'Yug' Blomberg, Manager of @PAXAus
  • "After 5 minutes of play we were broken. So broken we resorted to singing David Bowie until we crashed"
    - Connor Locke,
  • "I don't think I've ever yelled at anyone for being stressed out like this before. Needless to say I crashed the ship."
    - Jared Hahn, Escapes

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About Gritfish

Gritfish is game designer and programmer John Kane, and a changing roster of musicians and artists along for the ride.

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Houston, We Have a %!@# Credits

John Kane
Design, Code

Paul Sztajer
Design, Writing

Tim Grants

Sally Kellaway

Robert Snars
Video production, Actor

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